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Veronica Torres Hazley - Owner V12 Yoga -

Director, Entrepreneur, Community Builder
Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau

Veronica Torres Hazley currently works for the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau as the Director of Business Development. Torres Hazley has worked for the Dallas CVB for 10 years in community engagement, diversity marketing, digital strategy, brand marketing and the campaign for BIG Brand strategy.

During her last 2 years at the Dallas CVB she participated in the entire rebranding of Dallas. The Big Things Happen Here Campaign was a huge success and continues to drive BIG business to Dallas. Over 4.5 million impressions were made digitally and 30 thousand Facebook fans were brought to the Visit Dallas page from the public engagement campaign that she spearheaded.

Veronica is also the KEY closer for Dallas CVB and works with citywide conventions that drive over 5 million dollars of economic impact to Dallas for future years to come. Veronica serves in lead roles on several boards and committees that focus on driving business and marketing.

Veronica speaks publically on several platforms representing Professional Women Development, Health and Wellness Programming in the Minority Communities, Entrepreneurship growth and branding.

Hotel & Restaurant Management
Johnson & Wales University

Mountain View College

Yoga Teacher Training
American Power Yoga

Board of Directors
Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Board of Directors
North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce

Board of Directors
Hispanic 100

Ade Hazley - CEO, Rock Star Fitness Camps - Owner V12 Yoga -

Ade Hazley is the sole owner and operator of Rock Star Fitness Camps. Rock Star Fitness Camps was one of the first fitness boot camps in Dallas, Texas started in 2007. Rock Star has established a brand in Dallas, extending over 8 locations including 2 in Austin, Texas. The brand has been recognized in several publications including Quick Magazine in 2010, Brides of North Texas, Daily Candy, Dallas Morning News, Fox 4 and many other digital sites. The company continues to remain in the Top 5 successful camps in North Texas.

Recent corporate partnerships include AT&T Performing Arts Center, Aenta, FelCor, and American Heart Association. Ade has been instrumental in building a corporate brand with group training and personal corporate training. During this time, Ade currently provides personal training for over 12 clients and conducts corporate group training for 2 major corporations in Dallas.

Community involvement includes public speaking for Dallas ISD around health and fitness, presentations with the Dallas Urban League, and Lunch and Learn sessions with local corporate entities.

Ade continues to be a leader in the Dallas fitness community and continues to grow his online marketing and social media presence.

Bachelor’s Degree Criminal Justice
Texas State University

Personal Training and Biomechanics
Cooper Aerobics Center


Level One Certification

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity

Barb Totzke - Instructor -

Barb’s current teaching style reflects a complimentary mix of yin & yang – reinforcing a balance of strength & softness, of power & surrender, of challenge & acceptance – always acknowledging that the physical practice is but one small part of the wisdom that is yoga. The mat is a beautiful microcosmic school of life and everybody’s experience is going to be different. It’s a blessing to be part of the journey. Peace.

Stephanie Wallace - Instructor -

Stephanie is a music-loving, whisky-drinking yogini, animal activist and experienced dreamer. She began practicing over 10 years ago after suffering injuries as an athlete, later discovering the spiritual side beyond asana and thus began her true journey. In January 2014 Stephanie earned her 200 hour yoga teacher certification with Susie Caicedo of Organic Soul and jumped right into teaching – often taking her practice off the mat through her volunteer work in the community and in her global travels, and now through her ambassadorship with lululemon. Stephanie’s classes are vinyasa flow-based with fun and challenging transitions as well as a strong focus on chakra balancing. She lives and plays in Dallas with her sweet pups Roxy and Bowie – you can follow her journey on Instagram at @stephiejane.

Tanya Hardison - Instructor -

While an undergraduate in college in Denton, TX, I began practicing yoga 17 years ago, learning the basics of the poses and using them to help with flexibility. An avid runner, I needed something more in terms of honoring my body’s needs. After school, I moved to Southern California and began practicing power yoga regularly with Daniel Head in Redlands, CA. Though I’d improved, I still wasn’t as flexible as I wanted to be. However, as my understanding of yoga grew, I found it didn’t matter. Poses are only a piece of the practice. Finding that connection with the inner self through the breath and the movements was so much more. It was then that I fell in love. I lost myself (or who I thought I was) in each practice, coming into the final resting pose with such peace (and exhaustion) that I melted into my mat and floated away in absolute bliss. Yoga has been a transformative practice for me, one that I knew I needed to share with others.

So, I transitioned from a 16 year “corporate” career to a life devoted to yoga and fitness and I haven’t regretted it for a second! I obtained my 200 hour yoga certification from American Power Yoga and then a Personal Training Certification through NASM. The style of yoga I mainly practice and teach is an energetic type of power yoga, interspersed with fast-paced vinyasa flows. I believe that the traditional poses can be used and explained in such a way that all-levels of participants, from new to advanced, can practice safely and effectively to achieve strengthening, higher flexibility, a greater mind-body connection and a sense of peace through focused practice. I always explain the poses from the foundation up, offer modifications and advanced options, so everyone can work to their own level and honor their body at that particular moment.

Yoga really is for everyone! I am so proud and honored to help people in this profoundly valuable practice. There is no greater reward for me than seeing the post-workout bliss (and sweat!) on students’ faces after a class!

Ana C. Jones - Instructor -

Ana took her first yoga class almost 10 years ago. She fell deeper in love with the practice and obtained her 200 RYT from Uptown Yoga. Being creative about sequencing and the music to accompany her through a yoga practice are important elements for this yogi. She believes that we are all unique and perfect in our own way. There is no right or wrong, only different. “Flexibility of both mind and body can be acquired through yoga. One does not need to be flexible to do yoga, that is a result from a regular practice.” When not on the mat, Ana is off somewhere being ridiculously corny with the love of her life.

Woni Lang - Instructor -

Weldon Lang aka Woni, started yoga pretty much like everyone else to eliminate unnecessary stress from his day to day life. Little did he know it was building his confidence in himself to leave his 9-5 to follow his new dream of being self employed. After graduating from Sunstone Academy in 2011 he immediately began teaching. His keen eye for alignment matched with his playful personality compliment one another for a strong yet fun class! His classes vary from Vinyasa, Hatha, Fusion and restorative!

Angela Aguado - Instructor -

ANGELA AGUADO was introduced to the magical practice of yoga in 2013, she has been hooked ever since. The practice surpassed a physical transformation for her,and quickly began to reveal it’s curative properties of the mind and soul. Daily practice lead to a deep connection with the yoga, and in turn the calling to teach. With an original plan to begin Medical School in the Fall of 2014, she had a change of heart. She summoned the courage to let go of the life she planned and go with the one that awaited her, yoga was her medicine, and having been blessed with the opportunity to share the holistic healing of the practice felt like a dream. Her yoga certifications include: Baptiste Assistant Training with Angela Barrese Wagner and Yoga Sport 200 hour teaching training. Her teaching style has also been heavily influenced by many local instructors including, Janie Montague who she holds very close to her heart. “Through the practice of yoga I have learned that suffering is a choice, through the discipline of taking that pause in life we all have the ability to become emancipated from the constraints of our emotions and can begin to respond from our soul and heart as oppose to the ego. Yoga has taught me how to love, learning to let go of jealousy and possessiveness that was once so predominant in many of my relationships. Above all I have begun to cultivate and explore my inner strength, the inner strength that was always there and had simply been forgotten, masked by insecurities and stories that filled my mind. I now work daily on self validation and connecting with an inner happiness that is independent of anyone else’s views. I have found the courage to surrender to the beautiful cycle that is life.” Angela teaches Power Vinyasa Flow and believes in challenging her students to push themselves to the edge, for it is here that we begin to evolve and the magic start to unfold.

De’Andre Sinette - Instructor -

De’Andre Sinette is a passionate teacher who loves showing people how to overcome their darkness and find their light! He just completed Teacher Training with The Yoga Movement and he’s very excited to teach people strength and flexibility and the power of the breath and mind that comes with the practice of yoga. Also a social media guru and lover of handstands and any arm balance…which he will teach you how to master. You can check him out on Instagram also. @deandreyoga

Alicia Haynes - Instructor -

Alicia is a Power Pilates Mat I and II certified instructor. She has a Bachelor’s of Liberal Arts in Broadcast Management and Public Relations from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is also certified in TRX Suspension Training from Fitness Anytime and Spinning from Mad Dogg Athletics. She loves promoting physical fitness and overall wellness as a lifestyle. Alicia enjoys trying out new exercises and workouts, and challenging her mind and body. She has been happily practicing Pilates for 10+ years. Her goal as an instructor is to make people feel AMAZING, from the inside out.

Maraliz Campos - Instructor -

Maraliz crossed the bridge from a career in the international non-profit sector to life as a meditation & yoga instructor. Her certification was granted by her mentor Jyl Kutche at the Dallas Yoga Center in 2015. She began practicing yoga in 2003 and meditation in 2005, however her asana practice was interrupted when she fell ill her senior year of college.

As her illnesses progressed she was bedridden and unable to walk. Through studying mindfulness and later reconnecting with her asana practice, Maraliz observed that these difficulties can be something positive. They are bridges that allow her to connect with her students and support them on their own journeys.

In 2015, she completed her transmission ceremony accepting the Five Mindfulness Trainings with Terry Cortes-Vega at the Dallas Meditation Center. She was given the Dharma name Courageous healing of the Source.

Her vision of yoga as increasing awareness of the body, mind, and soul, and her continuing mindfulness practice run through every class she teaches. She connects with her students through awareness, meditation, sound healing and her kinesthetic approach to yoga instruction.