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About Us


Our INTENT is to create a yoga community that inspires and practices on building a better life to become a difference. Our PASSION is to offer a unique yoga practice that builds energy, powerful strength, flexibility and open mindfulness with motivating music.

Yoga Styles

Gentle Yoga

This class consists of moving the body internally. Holding poses longer helps the mind and body connect. The gentle movement of the physical body allows you to identify muscles and isolate them in every pose. Warm up includes breath work and asanas (poses) to stretch out the body.

Vinyasa Yoga

Great energetic flow where poses are linked to the breath and transitions from one pose to the other run smoothly. The flow builds sequences from the mat up, building strength. The class with a deep relaxation. The pace and sequence of the class varies depending on the instructor.

Happy Hour Yoga

Come to this class with an open mind. Instructor will lead a class depending on the needs of the students. Trust that this will be exactly what you need to start the weekend in the best way!


This class is both relaxing and empowering at the same time. Including poses that help the body feel challenged and then come down to a nice relaxation. Be prepared to get the best out of lunch break and go back to wherever you need to go feeling totally revitalized. The pace and sequence of this class varies depending on the instructor.

Ying-Yang Asanas

Flowing or not. you will have the best of both worlds. Bringing to your body a physically challenging practice followed by a great big stretch. Yang being the fire, the power and strength and Ying being the softness of the body and soul. Come find yours on the mat!

Core Focus

As the name has the word “core” in it, definitely expect your core body to work. Although this class is focused on the core, you will also be opening and challenging other body parts. Building and strengthening your core leads up to great spinal and back support. Allow yourself to feel supported physically and mentally!